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The Philosophy of Panchtatva

‘Panchatatva' is a word of Sanskrit origin, where "Panch"means five, and "Tatva" the elements. Everything around us and within us is composed of five basic elements also known as "Panchamahabhutas". These five elements or Tatva’s are Prithvi (Earth), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Vayu (Air)andAkash (Sky or Space).

Body depicts Earth

The Solidity of the earth with its gravity is what keeps us grounded. We perceive everything around us and within us in a physical form. Solid Liquid Gas, in some shape form or a structure. If we are not able to identify five physical attributes of this Universe, which are Sound, Touch, Sight, Taste, and Smell also know as "Tanmatra's" with our sense organs Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue, and Nose then we use our imagination and create an image.Weexist in this world as our physical bodies.

Water depicts Mind

Earth is about 2/3 of water, and the same is true for human body. Sense organs simply gather the information but it's the "Mind or Mana" that process the information and leads to our perception. Mind brings reality to the body or the physical world. Truly speaking body doesn’t exist without mind. Mind shifts between the senses, and the time frame present past and future and this is only possible with its fluidity thus Mind is considered as water element.Remember "Brain is not Mind".

Fire as Intelligence

No matter what is out there in the physical world. It needs to be perceived for its existence. To do light and energy is needed both outside and within us. Fire provides both externally as light and internally as "intelligence or Buddhi". Which streamlines the constant flux of thoughts also known as mind into logical information bringing true awareness to the present. It is the intelligence or fire makes the mind aware by guiding it in the right direction.

Air as Awareness

Air is vital to life. The Body is alive as long as we breathe. Without life the body mind and intelligence have no meaning. However being truly alive means being Aware. It's Awareness that infuses life in the Body, Mind, and Intelligence. Without air there is no fire, similarly without Awareness there is no intelligence to guide Mind and the Body. Thus Awareness is Air element.The material world (matter) is condensed Energy made of Awareness, Intelligence, Mind, and Body.

The sky as Consciousness

Just like sky is the vast open space that accommodates everything, all existence comes into "Being due to Consciousness". Consciousness is Unconditional Awareness (without any form). Independent of and Undisturbed by Awareness, Intelligence, Mind, and Body, which on the other hand cannot function or exist without Consciousness. The Awareness, intelligence, Mind, and Body can be experienced, but not the Consciousness, because it is the experience itself.

The integration of the five elements and their representation as Consciousness, Awareness, Intelligence, Mind, and Body isthe key of our existence in the universe. Anytime there is an imbalance between these elements or Tatva's it will manifest as poor quality of life in other words diseases, morbidity and mortality.

"Tatv" in Sanskrit means "essence" and the true essence of beauty lies within you. Veda is the crux of the holy scriptures. We believe Ayurveda carries the essence of health and well-being. PanchTatva's are the five elements of life, whose balance brings good health and well-being in harmony. Tatveda is a combination of bringing the essence of life by balancing the five PanchTatva or elements as stated in the Panchtatva philosophy of Panchkarma in Ayurveda.

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