Tatv is now Tatveda तत्वेद Wellness : A Complete Holistic Wellness Clinic & Healing Center in Meerut (UP), Bijnor (UP), Duggada (UK). It focuses on the principle of Pancha Tatva. Balancing the five elements of life to maintain and achieve ideal health in Men Women of all ages. The services include but are not limited to Ayurveda Consultation Treatments & Products, Physiotherapy, Pain Management, Yoga, Body Sculpting with Pollogen & No Touch FDA approved Zerona Lipo Laser, Naturopathy, Natural Weight Loss program, Healthy Weight Loss Diet, Metabolic weight loss program, Holistic Weight loss, Wellness services, IV Vitamins Antioxidants & Wellness Drips, Antiaging, Stress Management, Neuro Balance, Natural Hormone Therapy, Holistic Dermatology & more... Call +919412512640 for more information or email us at healing@tatveda.com

We at Tatveda Wellness Clinic and Healing Center, do not believe in great promises, rather we spend time on understanding your concerns, find the root cause, and address them. When you feel confident, health and wellness exude from within! It is the aim that inspired us to conceive the idea of Tatveda, in Bijnor Meerut and Lansdowne near Kotdwara.

Also, Tatveda Wellness brings the latest advances in laser technologies and advanced equipment when needed to reach certain goals. Tatveda provides the perfect blend of natural programs together with the best of technology available in the antiaging, health, wellness, and healing industry today.

Our highly-qualified staff provides excellent health, wellness & healing services by utilizing natural programs and cutting-edge technology. With a team of expert Health care professionals, Physiotherapists, Ayurveda Consultants, Trained Certified Yoga Teachers, Naturopaths & Dermatologists, we assure you of a great experience a Tatveda Wellness Clinic and Healing Center.

Our Services

Ayurveda Consultation

It involves a thorough examination of your body by trained Ayurveda professionals. Followed by Ayurveda treatments, therapies, and practices that offer help in bringing health, wellness, peace & happiness.

Weight Loss Program

Tatveda offers customized, individualized, personalized natural weight loss & diet programs to shed extra body weight adopting a holistic approach to weight management and related physiological and psychological factors responsible for weight gain.

Body Sculpting

Tatveda Offers Non-surgical body sculpture with FDA approved non-invasive, no touch, no pain, Zerona Low-Level lipo laser in conjunction with the Latest advanced Pollogen MAX to remove the cellulite from the stubborn target areas.

IV Drips

Tatveda Wellness provides Intravenous infusions for Personalized Intracellular Nutrition with Vitamins, anti-oxidants Macro and Micro-Minerals IV Drip for hydration, to relieve muscle spasms, improve immunity, Fight Fatigue, recover and protect from Flu.


At Tatveda wellness, Trained and qualified professionals help patients suffering from conditions like muscle weakness, gait problems, neuromuscular incoordination, pain management, or recovering from surgery or trauma to improve mobility coordination and quality of life.

Natural Hormone Therapy

At Tatveda Wellness trained physicians help to manage Hormone Imbalance conditions like Menopause, Andropause, Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue with Natural Hormone Replacement Therapies, a balanced diet, and pure effective natural Ayurvedic Supplements.

Neurotransmitter Balance

Experts at Tatveda understand the importance of Neurotransmitters in maintaining all communication of nerve impulses throughout the body and the brain. Tatveda helps to gain this balance with meditation techniques, natural Amino acid supplements & more.

Wellness Services

Team of Specialists at Tatveda provide, personalized Wellness Screening for men women & couples, suggest Lifestyle Changes, Couple Counselling, Immune Support, Disease prevention, Naturopathy Consults, regular Health checkup Camps, and more.


Tatveda Wellness Offers a comprehensive natural Antiaging Program that focuses on healthy and graceful aging, also, to slow or reverse the effects of accelerated aging and help people live, healthier, and happier by adding life to years.


At Tatveda, Yoga forms the core of the wellness practice. Done as per Yogic scriptures the practice of Yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness, indicating a perfect harmony between the mind and body, Man & Nature.

Stress Management

The Stress Management program at Tatveda Wellness works on improving the physical and mental threshold towards stress, making an individual Calm, peaceful, and confident even under stressful situations such as Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia & Hypertension.

Pain Management

Natural Pain Specialists at Tatveda take a personal and hands-on approach to your health and well-being. Tatveda offers natural pain management services that are designed with your health in mind to make you pain-free.

"Tatv" in Sanskrit means "essence" and the true essence of beauty lies within you. Veda is the crux of the holy scriptures. We believe Ayurveda carries the essence of health and well-being. PanchTatva's are the five elements of life, whose balance brings good health and well-being in harmony. Tatveda is a combination of bringing the essence of life by balancing the five PanchTatva or elements as stated in the Panchtatva philosophy of Panchkarma in Ayurveda.

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